Power BI App + Feedback Forms

A lot of times people ask me why Power BI is the best BI platform in the world (which by the way it is :)) and I always tell them that if you evaluate by the feature:

  • Visualization
  • Data transformation
  • Data modeling
  • AI

Probably Power BI is not the best on any single feature but combined, in my opinion, excels every other tool (Simpson Paradox?)

And another very important aspect to consider when evaluating a BI Platform is the ecosystem and on that aspect Power BI + Office 365 provide a unique set of possibilities that can really make you a lot more productive:

In this post I’ll give you another example of these kind of integrations on the Office365 Power Platform:

Create a Microsoft Form to collect user feedback about Power BI App and add the link to feedback in the app

First you need to create the form:

Get the form Shared link:

And using the awesome new App Navigation experience just add the feedback link in the App Navigation like this:

Now if your user click on “Give us Feedback” the form will open inside the app:

As a form admin you can see all the feedback results:

Is this awesome or not?! And you can create this in 10 minutes!

Next steps:

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